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Judge Gregory C. Pittman is a lifelong resident of Muskegon County, born to the late Phillip Sr. & Arlene Pittman. Gregory graduated from Muskegon Heights Public Schools in 1979, Michigan State University in 1983, and received his Juris Doctor degree from the Indiana University Maurer School of Law in 1987.

Work experience has included two years with the Michigan Department of Commerce, staff attorney with the Kent County Public Defender’s Office, and private practice with the Muskegon law firm of Williams, Hughes, Corwin & Sinninger. Judge Pittman also served as Magistrate of the 60th District Court, and is an adjunct faculty member at Muskegon Community College, Baker College, and the Michigan Judicial Institute.

On January 6, 1998, Governor John Engler appointed Judge Pittman to the Muskegon County Probate Bench. His appointment, also, filled the final slot in the 14th Circuit Court Family Division. Judge Pittman has been re-elected, continuously, since 1998.
Throughout the professional career of Judge Pittman, the role of difference maker has been fully embraced by the Judge. Whether looking at Greater Muskegon, the State of Michigan, or on a national/international level, Judge Pittman has committed himself to working to improve the quality of life for all people.


The Arlena Pittman/Shirley Sandford (TAPSS) Scholarship

In 2005, Gregory and Kay Pittman, in honor of their deceased mothers, began awarding, on an annual basis, a scholarship award to deserving high school graduates who enrolled to continue their education in college.

Muskegon Responsible Fathers Initiative
In 1998 founded the Muskegon Responsible Fathers Initiative in recognition of the need to help non-custodial Fathers to reduce and eliminate the systemic barriers that help separate children from meaningful relationships with their fathers.
Michigan Task Force for Children’s Justice
From 2006-2012 served on the Michigan Task Force for Children’s Justice, by appointment of both former Governors Jennifer Granholm and Rick Snyder.
Michigan Task Force for Children’s Justice
From 2006-2012 served on the Michigan Task Force for Children’s Justice, by appointment of both former Governors Jennifer Granholm and Rick Snyder.
School to Prison Pipeline
In 2013, tasked by Governor Snyder with developing systemic solutions to stemming the “School to Prison Pipeline” in the County of Muskegon. That effort resulted in the development of the School Teams Assisting Youth Project (STAY Project). Local school districts have since adopted STAY principles in the effort to keep students connected to their educational program and present in school.
Muskegon Covenant Academy School
In 2014, Judge Pittman helped found and served as the first Board President of the Muskegon Covenant Academy School (MCA). MCA is chartered by the State of Michigan to provide educational services that lead to a state certified high school diploma. The students served by MCA are the nontraditional students who have realized the need to complete their primary education as an important step to positively avoid homelessness and joblessness. The successful creation of MCA has subsequently led to similarly chartered Covenant Academy schools in both Kalamazoo and Saginaw. Judge Pittman continues to serve as a member of the Covenant Academy Foundation Board of Directors, which oversees operations for all three Covenant Academy Schools.
Muskegon County’s juvenile justice system
In 2016, as Presiding Judge of the 14th Circuit Court Family Division, led the Family Court in collaborating with the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute to revamp Muskegon County’s juvenile justice system. After successfully implementing a new model over several years, it has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of youths in detention, out-of-home placements as well as a decrease in the number of days in care, all resulting in a decreased cost to this community.
Muskegon County Election Commission
Since 2016, Judge Pittman has served as Chairman of the Muskegon County Election Commission, which maintains oversight of election activity in the County of Muskegon.
Michigan Fatherhood Commission
In 2019 Judge Pittman was selected to serve on the State of Michigan workgroup tasked with creating the Michigan Fatherhood Commission. This work seeks to formalize efforts all over Michigan, to help remove the barriers that keep fathers separated from having healthy and productive relationships with their children.
Michigan Supreme Court’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Workgroup
In 2020 through March 2022 Judge Pittman was appointed to and served on the Michigan Supreme Court’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Workgroup, that was tasked with making Michigan’s One Court of Justice mission accessible and accountable to all Michigan citizens. The work of this group has resulted in the issuance of the Supreme Court’s recent Administrative Orders, which serve as the guidelines for all Michigan courts to follow, going forward.


Citizen of the Year

1998 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

Champion of the Family

2003 Michigan Family Forum

Man of the Year

2009 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

Living Legend Award

2014 103.7 Radio

Jurist of the Year

2018 Michigan CASA

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